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As a Certified Professional Life Coach, I will partner with you to create solutions that will empower you to do amazing things with your life!  Rebera Life Coaching will provide you with a judgment free, safe space to talk things through and slowly emerge a stronger, wiser and more confident person. My goal is short term intervention with long term results that are sustainable and measurable.  I feel it is helpful to have someone to hold you accountable for your actions, and there is truly nothing better than to know you have someone in your corner who is there just for you!  That is what having a life coach is all about.

I specialize in health and wellness based solutions bringing together success in all of the wellness domains. Physical, Emotional, Social, Cognitive, Spiritual, Environmental and Purposeful.  I believe each person is capable of reaching their true potential, but occasionally people get stuck in a rut and cannot seem to move forward without some assistance.  My role as your life coach is to help you get over "the hump". I will help you reach up, jump higher, embrace change, go into action and move on!

I understand that each person works at their own pace and that sometimes I will have to be still and just listen.  After you determine what your real goals are, I will help hold you accountable for the action steps you say you will take, and I will celebrate with you when you take them!  I will be with you every step of the way.  I can't wait to see who you will become!

If you answer "YES" to any of these questions, working with a Life Coach is a great plan for you!

Are you feeling stuck?

Do you need to overcome roadblocks, identify obstacles, overcome fear and feel more in control?

Do you need to get in touch with what truly makes you happy, be the driver in your life and not the passenger, clarify what you  need and prioritize what you want?

 Do you want to decrease your stress levels, improve your confidence and self esteem and promote intrinsic motivation?

Do you need assistance through a life transition such as decision making after graduation, a career change, a job change, relocation, retirement or menopause?   

Are you struggling with a decision about a changing relationship and need to redefine that relationship into something healthy ?  This could be that of a spouse, partner, parent, child, friend, colleague, supervisor, etc. 

If you answered YES to any of these me!

Health Coach and Wellness Based Life Coaching

Personal training is working one on one with a highly qualified RLC fitness professional to design an individualized exercise program based on your fitness level and personal goals.  Your trainer will customize your program providing you with variety and helping to enhance your commitment to adhere to your exercise routine.  Your trainer will coach and motivate you through each exercise session, and will carefully and patiently help you reach your optimal state of health and well being.

Benefits of Exercising with a Personal Trainer

- Increases cardiovascular endurance
- Increases muscular strength, endurance and tone
- Improves flexibility and agility
- Increases muscle mass
- Decreases risk of cardiovascular disease including heart attack and stroke
- Lowers incidence of  diabetes, cancer, obesity and respiratory disease
- Enhances weight reduction and management
- Improves cholesterol and health risk profile
- Helps control blood pressure and diabetes
- Helps fight osteoporosis
- Reduces stress
- Increases energy and productivity
- Promotes self confidence and high self esteem

 Who can benefit from working with a personal trainer?

Rebera Life Coaching personal trainers can be valuable to anyone who is interested in changing their lifestyle habits to improve their fitness and overall well being through exercise and optimal nutrition.


- Help you set realistic goals
- Teach you safe and proper exercise techniques
- Eliminate any fear of working out
- Prevent injuries through careful supervision
- Provide proper pacing through each stage of your workout
- Provide you with motivation and encouragement
- Help make exercising enjoyable and fun
- Demonstrate how exercise can become part of your regular routine


Is your child uncomfortable in their body?  Do they wish they didn't have to go to their Physical Education class?  Is your son or daughter lacking confidence during this tumultuous time of adolescence?  Could they benefit from an increase in self esteem?  Do they want to look different?  Better?  Numerous studies have shown that an increase in exercise, strength and endurance promotes confidence and this change to feeling good about yourself can generalize to other areas in your life.  If you think your child may benefit from some individualized attention to help them gain more confidence, improve their self esteem and increase their overall health and well being, call us today!

 Special Populations

RLC trainers will monitor your exertion levels, ensure perfect form in all exercise techniques, and work closely with your physician, physical therapist or other health professional to ensure all of their recommendations are followed closely. These groups can include, but are not limited to people with:

- Cardiovascular disease including multiple risk factors like high blood pressure,    

   high cholesterol, smoking, diabetes, etc.
- Orthopedic limitations including back and knee pain
- Osteoporosis
- Obesity

*** Adolescents through older adults are welcome!


- Teach advanced training techniques

-  Motivate
-  Overcome plateaus                                       

-  Educate

Pregnancy, Postpartum and Menopause

- Exercise slowly and safely to ensure the health of both mother and baby
- Regain a sense of freedom and "getting your body back"
- Address issues of energy, strength and confidence entering  a new  stage in life
- Adopt a sense of dignity and self esteem through the joy of movement

Personal Training in Ithaca, NY

Health and Wellness Education Package

The Health and Wellness Education Package includes 6 one-hour sessions designed to help you if you are interested in developing a full understanding of the physiological and nutritional concepts that are the building blocks of being well.  Are you tired of feeling concerned and down about your health?  Are you ready to learn, change your lifestyle habits and take action steps to achieve a higher state of well being?  If you accept the fact that some behavior modification is needed, and you are ready to take responsibility to create change in a more positive direction, the health and wellness education package is the right choice for you!

 During  our  6 One-Hour sessions we will:

- Define  WELLNESS  concepts
- Complete cardiovascular risk analysis
- Review your orthopedic history and interventions
- Gain a full understanding of your past and present exercise habits
- Discuss the importance of strength and flexibility
- Discuss your past and current nutritional needs and concerns
- Review your past and current weight management techniques
- Determine whether your current body weight is a healthy weight for you 
- Review difference between scale weight and body fat percentage
- Talk about smoking and heart disease 
- Discuss life challenges that prevent healthy habits
- Set short and long term goals for each area of health and wellness

Individualized Exercise Prescription

This eight week program is designed to address your personal fitness goals , taking into account your health concerns, athletic performance goals and any obstacles you may face.  The program includes 2 sixty-minute consultations.  The first consult is to review the program and answer all questions.   The second consultation session will provide motivation and is a follow up for any adjustments that may be needed.  This prescription is written with the intention of you working out on your own either at home or at your gym.  Any further guidance must be supplemented with personal training sessions.


Health and Wellness Services